South African Airways (SAA) to resume flights to Malawi

South African Airways (SAA) has announced the resumption of flights between South Africa and Malawi this year with effect from the 16th of March 2023.

The announcement was made by Professor John Lamola, SAA Chief Executive Officer during a meeting he held with Her Excellency Mrs. Stella Ndau at the Malawi High Commission in Pretoria in the company of Ms Vimla Maistry, Head of Corporate Affairs at SAA and other Diplomatic staff. It follows a series of engagements and negotiations between SAA, the Mission, and the Government of Malawi.

During the visit, Prof Lamola expressed enthusiasm that SAA will finally be operating on this route as the challenges they have had were being resolved. He stated that the national flag carrier has had to restructure and one of the focus areas was promotion of AFCTA within the SADC region and hence the rigorous planning that preceded the resumption of flights. He commended Malawi High Commission for its efforts, commitment, and collaboration in ensuring the resumption of SAA’s flights to Malawi.

On her part, Her Excellency Mrs. Stella Ndau commended SAA for its decision saying it signified renewed confidence that South African businesses have in the operating environment in Malawi. She also reiterated that the resumption of flights will contribute to the improvement of the tourism and transport sectors as stipulated in the MW2063 Agenda.. “We are excited with this development which we believe will ensure that Malawi should remain as one of the most affordable tourist destinations in the region. This will certainly compliment Government’s efforts of improving our economy.”

Ticket sales begin on Monday 6th February 2023.

Her Excellency Mrs Stella Chiripo Ndau and Professor John Langa- SAA Chief Executive Officer.